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Gamedev.js Weekly #169


Further adventures in marketing arcade games on the App Store
It’s always easier to make decisions when you’re armed with data. This morning we pulled down some stats from Apple’s reporting site to pore over the numbers.
Mark at Space Monster Games

Construct 3 public beta now available
As thrilling as it is to launch a new product and share it with the world, the main aim of the public beta is to find and fix as many issues as possible.
Ashley at Scirra's blog

Dwarf Fortress creator Tarn Adams talks about simulating the most complex magic system ever
In his quest to create a true "fantasy world simulator," Adams is working on Dwarf Fortress's most monumental changes in years.
Wes Fenlon at PC Gamer

Why video game devs don't get 'board' of learning from tabletop games
Video game devs' interest in tabletop games has been growing for years, to the point that at this year's GDC there was a whole day dedicated to studying them.
Alex Wawro at Gamasutra

Writing indie games is like being a musician, in the bad way
At last, I can complete the trilogy of articles. Now we can look around and see where we've ended up, a phase which I suspect will be permanent.
Jeff Vogel's blog

Quick tips for the solo game developer
I will be going over a comprehensive list of what you should be mindful of in solo game dev, and how to maximize your success as a solo game developer.
Firenibbler's blog

How I became a better programmer
I thought it would be worthwhile to write down my "mental model" for how I have approached programming over the years.
James Long's blog


How to make a multiplayer online game with Phaser, Socket.io and Node.js
We will see how to program the client and server of a very basic real-time multiplayer online game, and how to make them interact using SocketIO.
Jerome Renaux at Dynetis Games

Create a space shooter with PlayCanvas: part 2
We're going to focus on dynamically creating entities with scripts (to spawn bullets and asteroids) as well as how to add things like an FPS counter and in-game text.
Omar Shehata at Tuts+ Game Development

Create a HTML5 game like “Pudi” using Phaser – match games meet Tetris
You control four big colored circles at the bottom of the screen. Small colored circles fall from the top of the screen, and you have to match falling circles with bottom circles.
Emanuele Feronato's blog


Journey game animation tribute in a shader

Particles collection


Theory about vectors for video games using JavaScript

VEmpire - The Kings of Darkness trailer



Mr. Molotov Man

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