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Gamedev.js Weekly #167


Mozilla is bringing modern video games to your browser
WebAssembly is one more sign that the browser plugin is dying.
Rob LeFebvre at Engadget

Zynga quietly buys solitaire games from a little-known developer
Zynga recently (and quietly) bought four solitaire games for nearly $42.5 million in an all-cash deal from the relatively less-popular developer Harpan LLC.
Aman Jain at ValueWalk

Here They Lie and the ethics of VR horror
VR continues to open up new gameplay mechanisms with fascinating potential applications. What responsibility does the developer have to the player?
Holly Green at Gamasutra

Internationalize your keyboard controls
Recently I came across two lovely new graphical demos, and in both cases, the controls would not work on my French AZERTY keyboard.
Julien Wajsberg at Mozilla Hacks

5 biggest things to avoid in game development
I have noticed a few common trends that people with successful HTML5 games always stick to, and seen many games flunk due to what seems to be the fatal flaws of HTML5 game development.
Firenibbler Studios

Let’s talk about that ‘bad review’ of Breath of the Wild
It’s not about praise for those who made it, it’s about praise for those who bought it.
Owen S. Good at Polygon


HTML5 deck of cards management – a first, simple game
Finally the first prototype of a game built upon a HTML5 is ready to be played.
Emanuele Feronato's blog

Crafty beyond the basics: mouse and touch events
While a keyboard can help you create a variety of games, some situations require you to control different mouse events to make the game more enjoyable. See also Sprites.
Monty Shokeen at Tuts+ Game Development

Minecraft in WebVR with HTML using A-Frame
We'll go over how to build a room scale WebVR Minecraft demo. The demo will be built with A-Frame in just 11 HTML elements.
Kevin Ngo at CSS-Tricks


GameMaker Studio 2

Planck.js - 2D JavaScript physics engine for cross-platform HTML5 game development


Hex maze

CSS/HTML platform game



Skate Hooligans

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