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Gamedev.js Weekly #166


Chronicles of the development of a multiplayer game: part 3 — your turn
This post provides some guiding concepts for anyone who would like to develop their own multiplayer game in JavaScript.
Gary Weiss at Medium

Porting Game Boy emulators to the Pebble Time
One of my favorite projects I worked on with some Pebble coworkers involved porting Game Boy emulators to the Pebble Time for internal hackathons.
Kevin Technology

Should you bother with making your own game engine or graphics library? Just ask Kalvin
Many people have thought about making their own library or engine whether it be for game development, graphics, or some other personal project. Should you do it?
Firenibbler Studios

Xbox creators create
You all heard the news last week, right? That EVERYONE can now write "real" games for the XBox One? It's as easy as 1,2,3,4...
Greg Duncan at Channel 9

Sony PlayStation is hosting a summer camp for young girls interested in game dev
Girls Make Games will run the three-week event.
Charlie Hall at Polygon

Crosswalk 23 to be the last Crosswalk release
We believe Crosswalk has done its job and we can make a bigger impact focusing on other areas of the web platform.
Crosswalk Project Team

What's it like developing for the Switch? 9 indie studios weigh in
The consensus is that the Switch is “the least demanding Nintendo console” to develop for yet.
Chris Priestman at Gamasutra


HTML5 deck of cards management
The idea behind this new series of tutorials is based upon some concepts I have in mind for some easy card games. See also: 1024×1024 texture version.
Emanuele Feronato's blog

Getting started in WebGL, part 3: WebGL context and clear
In this article, we'll start working on our WebGL boilerplate code. See also: part 4: WebGL viewport and clipping.
Omar El Sayyed at Tuts+ Game Development




Javascript HTML5 Tech/Demos/Frameworks by Torsten Späte


Speed programming Snake


Rogue Fable 2

Free Rider HD in the iOS App Store

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