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Gamedev.js Weekly #165


Web games platform: newest developments
In July of 2015 we announced our Games Technology Roadmap, and have been working on addressing those pain points as shared by developers.
Andre Vrignaud at Mozilla Hacks

Developing Crashlands while facing a terminal cancer diagnosis
In 2013, the 23-year-old game artist and developer Samuel Coster hallucinated a dragon made of blood bursting from his chest.
Simon Parkin at Gamasutra

Postmortem: Medieval Defense Z
I came from flash background and developing for HTML5 presented with some new challenges. So i would like to share what worked and what didn't.
Bikas at HTML5 Game Devs Forum

Warcraft movie: 50 original character designs
Discover The Art of Warcraft: The Movie in a gallery 50+ Original Character Designs from Wei Wang.

A cartoon intro to WebAssembly
WebAssembly is fast. You’ve probably heard this. But what is it that makes WebAssembly fast? In this series, I want to explain to you why WebAssembly is fast.
Lin Clark at Mozilla Hacks

DNA could be the future of data storage
A full operating system and film stored on DNA were recovered with no errors.
Katherine Lindemann at ResearchGate

Next-generation 3D Graphics on the Web
We’re sharing an API proposal, and a prototype of that API for the WebKit Open Source project.
Dean Jackson at WebKit


HTML5 Drag and Match engine updated to Phaser 2.6.2 new feature added: checking for valid matches (and undo the move otherwise)
Today’s feature checks for valid matches after the player ends a move, performing an “undo” if the move did not make any match. Also see removable tiles, combos and object pooling to save resources.
Emanuele Feronato's blog


Web Games Day - March 10th in Madrid


The game audio GDC bundle from Sonniss

WebVR Rocks


Castle face

Jeu de bille


Junior Chess

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