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Gamedev.js Weekly #164


Why HTML5 Instant Games will disrupt the App Stores in 2017
It may be hard to believe but the app boom is finally over - after almost a decade of massive growth. In 2016 apps started to eat themselves.
Alexander Krug at LinkedIn

Modders are turning the NES Classic Edition into an all-purpose retro gaming machine
Since hackers found a way to rewrite the memory in the diminutive console about a month ago, an adventurous set of retro gaming fans have been testing its limits.
Devin Coldewey at TechCrunch

Designing an engaging and intuitive crafting system for Astroneer
The game from Seattle studio System Era Softworks drops players onto an alien planet with no real guidance as to what they should do.
Jack Yarwood at Gamasutra

Custom game sites and portfolios at Game Jolt
Create a fresh new dedicated site for your game or portfolio through our customizable templates, or upload an existing site as a zip file if you’ve already designed one.
CROS at Game Jolt Fireside

Large games vs small games, which should you choose?
Lots of indies never end up completing a larger project. What are they missing out on? If they are missing out on anything at all?
Firenibbler's blog

How many players care to customize their controls?
Recently I have introduced ability to redefine controls as well as gamepad support.
Rezoner at Medium

Under the hood of the League Client’s Hextech UI
We’ve been fielding a lot of questions about how the updated client’s Javascript/HTML/CSS works, and there’s a huge amount to cover there.
Jules Glegg at Riot Games Engineering


Getting started with Crafty: controls, events, and text
You will learn about different components that will allow you to move different entities around using the keyboard. See also: the game loop.
Monty Shokeen at Tuts+ Game Development

Topdown - layers, moving and collision
We’re going to render a tilemap exported from Tiled with multiple layers and have a player walking around with collision in place.
David Ang at Programming Mind


BLUR launch jam ends in two days


Kupiter, a game-based educational tool


A.I. Duet

Interactive Image Translation with pix2pix-tensorflow


Mr. Miner

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