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Gamedev.js Weekly #160


How we made... Borborygmus!
It's a beautifully illustrated interactive children's book for desktop and mobile, which introduces Borby.
Danhett's blog

Do you have something to say? Make a game
Want to try your hand at game development? Now is the perfect time.
Danielle Riendeau at Waypoint

What a Trump presidency means for the indie game market
Currently, it looks like the biggest impacts will be through taxes and tariffs.
Firenibbler's blog

Robot Tales: malicious game clones
What we did not anticipate was that someone had a different idea on how to monetise our success for their own means.
Dominik Gotojuch at Gamasutra

WebGL 2 lands in Firefox
Until today, WebGL 2 had been usable behind a flag or in the Developer Edition or Nightly, but with Firefox 51, it’s now unlocked for all users of Firefox.
Jeff Gilbert and Belén Albeza at Mozilla Hacks blog


The four elements of game design: part 1
What is a game? There are a lot of theories, and while most game designers will agree on certain aspects, there has never really been a solid answer. Part 2 is already out.
Darran Jamieson at Tuts+ Game Development

“String Avoider” HTML5 game reinvented with mobile phones in mind
There is something more to keep in mind if you want your game to work well on mobile devices.
Emanuele Feronato's blog


Path length calculator

Three.js smoke particles


Martin Splitt at JS Kongress 2016: Making games with JavaScript and Phaser.io

Andrzej Mazur at JS Kongress 2016: How to build a simple HTML5 game in 4 years


Bayou Island

Zombie Days 3D

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