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Gamedev.js Weekly #16


Flappy48 is a work of diabolical genius
As it turns out, combining two viral casual gaming sensations results in a masterpiece.
Michelle Starr at Crave

Polish HTML5 game developers educate and grow awareness of the market
Some of our readers may not be aware that we have many talented HTML5 game developers here in Poland.
Przemek at Bushido Games

HTML5 And WebGL: The Future Of Cloud Gaming
How exactly is WebGL, in conjunction with HTML5, the answer to the future of cloud gaming?
Joe Pellicone at Cloud Tweaks

Why We Rebuilt Our HTML5 Game In Unity
When our HTML5 game Numolition was nearly done, we decided to throw it all away and rebuild it in Unity.
Martin Kool at Smashing Magazine

Meet McFunkypants, a game developer who gives back to the community again and again
Christer Kaitila, aka McFunkypants to his friends, is not your typical game developer. After finding personal success in a field where he gets paid to do work that many gladly do for free as a hobby, he is finding ways to pay it forward.
Jason Black at DVLUP

$3000+ Software Giveaway – GameMaker Studio and Construct 2
As of today, GameMaker Blog has been online for 7 years. To celebrate this milestone we’re giving away $3000+ worth of free software, including licenses for GameMaker Studio.
True Valhalla at GameMaker Blog

Are HTML5 Games the Future?
Game developers aren’t having an easy time of it. Multiple devices, platforms, and audiences make it complicated getting a new game out there... getting played, let alone getting paid.
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Make online multiplayer games with Construct 2
For a long time the top feature request for Construct 2 has been to add the ability to make real-time online multiplayer games.
Ashley at Scirra blog

Crazy Post Processing Color Effects to Change Your Game Ambiance With Threex.coloradjust Game Extension for Three.js
Threex.coloradjust is a threex game extension for three.js. It provides a color adjustement in post processing.
Jerome Etienne at Learning Three.js


Senior Frontend Developer at Softgames
Our vision is to reshape the way how millions of people discover, play and share mobile games across multiple platforms – anywhere at any time around the globe.


HTML5 Game Development Insights

Game Programming Patterns


Game Mechanic Explorer

Minko Engine - Open source 3D engine for HTML5

Ejecta 1.5 - new APIs support and lots of fixes


HTML5DevConf: Tyler Smith - Creating Cross Platform games with one HTML5 Code Base

HTML5 Game Development Tutorial #4 - Basics of the canvas

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