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Gamedev.js Weekly #158


Twenty things I've learned about game development
Thinking about what it means to be over fifty in game development prompted me to tweet a list of what I consider the twenty most important things I've learned over the years.
Laralyn McWillams at Gamasutra

Not your problem
Few can make a game alone and it's easy to get distracted, very easy. Or even worse... work on stuff that doesn't matter.
How to Make an RPG

Brief history of Super Mario Bros. 2
Justin McElroy and Russ Frushtick team up to share insane history of a classic game.
Russ Frushtick at Polygon

Getting off on the right foot: 15 tips from a young game developer
I shall be listing 15 pieces of advice I've gathered from my relatively short but highly eventful experience as a game designer and writer.
Michel Sabbagh at Gamasutra

So you want to be a video game dev?
Pretty much anyone who has spent time either gaming or developing has wanted to be a game dev. But it's not for the faint of heart - long hours, low pay, and lots of stress.
John Sonmez at DZone


How to submit your app to the Amazon Appstore
It's visible to Android and Fire users in more than 200 countries, and developers can now list their PC, Mac and HTML5-based web apps as well as Android apps.
Jeff Reifman at Tuts+ Code

Flow technique deconstruction
I annotated the whole thing so I could completely understand every single line of code.
Martijn Brekelmans' blog


WebGL Stats


StickPNG - free transparent PNGs


Full CSS map creator

Cat loader


Top Grier

Master Archer

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