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Gamedev.js Weekly #157


Unknown master beats top Go players
A mysterious "master" has been beating elite Go players online, leading some to suspect that it may actually be a top-level computer.
China Daily

7 educational games that every developer should study
As an interactive medium, video games can be valuable teaching tools.
Stefanie Fogel at Gamasutra

Lessons I learned on development
I was on a trip to Barcelona back from Christmas holidays, and decided to run this meme on Twitter to have fun during the train ride.
Belén Albeza's blog

Why developers should design for streamers as well as players
Amazon Lumberyard's Garnett Lee discusses the rise of live broadcasts and how creators can use them to enhance their games.
James Batchelor at Games Industry

Wizard Quest updated and secured
I’ve mentioned I’ll bury the source code of this game someplace deep, but the feedback was so positive I decided to update it a bit after the release.
Andrzej Mazur's blog


How to code fireworks with ES2015 JavaScript and pixi.js
Join me while I down a few margaritas and attempt to explain how YOU can create yourself some cool fireworks using WebGL.
Rachel Smith at Codepen

Optimize your Phaser HTML5 games on mobile devices by using more sprites and less tileSprites
I want you to focus on the dramatic performance increase just by changing tileSprites with resized sprites. Bear this in mind when designing your games for mobile devices.
Emanuele Feronato's blog


The Complete Virtual Reality Game Development Course - last days left


Feature your HTML5 mobile games for BLUR January launch for FREE!

We are thrilled to be launching our messaging and mobile game app to potentially millions of users worldwide and will be featuring indies and their games for FREE in a way that's never been done.

responsiveTouchGameFramework, a tiny boilerplate for HTML5 games


Get 30% off extensions to create or customize your WooCommerce store until the end of January

Game development resources by David Arcila


CSS snow fox

Textured slide


Just Jump

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