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Gamedev.js Weekly #155


The evolution of Phaser 3 and Lazer
There is a lot of confusion over what Phaser 3 is, and what Lazer is. So it's time to explain it as best I can.
Richard Davey at Patreon

How Blizzard coped with World of Warcraft's blood plague and other early disasters
How do you maintain control over an entire virtual world populated by millions of people? You don't.
Steven Messner at PC Gamer

Browsers, not apps, are the future of mobile
A common refrain in discussions over the future of mobile is that “eventually, all mobile apps will be iOS or Android apps.”
Hugh Durkin at Intercom

Microsoft introduces HoloJS for developers to create Windows holographic experiences with JavaScript
Developers building HoloLens and VR experiences with the Windows Holographic platform can now build apps with JavaScript through Microsoft’s ChakraCore engine.
Luke Jones at WinBuzzer

The game industry's disposable workers
Contractors are a growing proportion of labor, but they have few rights.
Colin Campbell at Polygon


JavaScript / HTML5 Game Developer (m/f) @ SOFTGAMES, Berlin

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How to create a game using SVG animations
I wondered if I can create a simple game with these. Like a really beautifully crafted, very detailed game that has every little element animated.
Greg Hovanesyan at Codepen

Create a HTML5 game like Space is Key using Phaser, tweens and Arcade physics – step 3: adding particles
Now it’s time to show how to make the player die with a particle explosion if the square hits an obstacle. See also step 4: adding background and colors.

Stop particles from sliding in Phaser
When you have your skeleton’s bones flying away into pieces, you want them to fall where the skeleton was and stop it’s bones from sliding along the floor.
David Ang's blog


Three.BasicThirdPersonGame - game starter kit


Pixel Santa

Holiday experiment

A winter wonderland scene


8 Gears

Pop-Pop Candies

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