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Gamedev.js Weekly #153


HTML5 is the next $100 billion game platform
We believe over the next 12 months, billions of mobile messenger users will become prolific consumers of games and apps using HTML5 and messenger bots.
Albert Lai at Venture Beat

NaturalMotion's CEO on the long road to the launch of Dawn of Titans
It is important to say that this is one game, and it’s very, very important, but it’s one game in a portfolio of games.
Craig Chapple at Pocket Gamer

Super Rad Raygun's self-imposed constraint: a 2-bit color palette
Modern devs are paying homage to the unmistakable Game Boy aesthetic.
Jack Yarwood at Gamasutra

Dear JavaScript
I wanted to talk to you about a problem in our community that we need to address.
James K at Medium

5 tips for finding success as an Indie Game Developer
While being an indie designer remains a gamble, experts prove the right tools and mindset can make a difference.
Zach Budgor at Intel iQ


JavaScript / HTML5 Game Developer (m/f) @ SOFTGAMES, Berlin

Apply to 4,000+ Companies with One Application
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How to create a gamebot in Telegram with nodejs
We immediately got to work and created a bot specifically to serve some of the games created with our HTML5 game creation tool.
Kiko Almeida at WiMi5

Pyramids of Ra HTML5 game engine made with Phaser step 2: adding harder tiles
The first new tile you will find is a harder tile which needs the player to cross it twice before disappearing.
Emanuele Feronato's blog

Redesign your display list with spatial hashes
This tutorial will give you an idea of how structuring data spatially can be an easy way to boost performance.
Omar Shehata at Tuts+ Game Development


Gamedev.js workshop in Warsaw, Poland this Sunday


Phaser Editor v1.3.0

Babylon.js v2.5.0


Wolf with animations

Optical illusion spinner



Evil Glitch on Steam Greenlight

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