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Gamedev.js Weekly #15


HTML5 apps can be just as speedy as native apps with the new Famo.us Javascript framework
Get ready for round two of the HTML5-versus-native app debate.
Devindra Hardawar at VentureBeat

Responsive Design in Game Programming
One of the many reasons I like to write about game programming as well as other people's games is that often a game I review inspires me to dig deeper into game programming issues for Firefox OS.
Bob Thulfram at Firefox OS Gaming

Aspiring Game Developer Creates 12 Games In 12 Weeks
If you’re on Indie Statik, chances are you have either thought about making a game, or you already have.
James Farmer at Indie Statik

The Rise of the Mobile Web
This is in response to Chris Dixon’s post, “The Decline of the Mobile Web“.
Austin Hallock's blog


Building the 2048 game in AngularJS
In today’s post, we’re going to build a clone of the popular 2048 game in AngularJS, from start-to-finish, explaining the entire process of building the app.

HTML5 Mobile Game Development by Example - Educational Game
What if you could turn that great game idea into a real game that could be played on the web, on desktop, iOS, Android and all other platforms?


HTML5: what's in it for developers?
Sponsored video

PlayCanvas Game Development Trends Talk


Kiwi.js: Two new HTML5 Game Blueprints - Match-Three and Roguelike


Got Game 2014 Entries


Fat Cheeks the Cannonball


Elevator Miner

Goon’s Quest

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