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Gamedev.js Weekly #148


Flash Marketplace shutting down
Writing has been on the wall for some time. And I think many other companies would have taken the site down much sooner, especially since we are doing so well on mobile.
Chris Hughes at FGL blog

Mobile games have a strong influence on the entire video gaming landscape
The runaway success of Pokemon Go was an unexpected highlight for the games sector in 2016, but mobile games are a dominant factor of a multi-billion dollar industry.
David Bolton at ARC

Introducing GameMaker Studio 2
Studio 2 is not just a new version of GameMaker: Studio, it has been rewritten from the ground up to improve and expand upon the foundation laid by its predecessor.
Shaun Spalding at YoYo Games blog

Ready. Set. Gamepad.
Gamepads are an essential part of gaming, and can provide another type of input device for your web application or experience.
Diego González at Medium

Artificial intelligence may be the future of mobile ads, says Forrester report
Move over desktop: mobile is the future of online purchases and commerce, thanks to its ability to connect with location-based and personalized data.
Michelle Castillo at CNBC

5 horrible things I found out when I made a video game
A few years ago, I fulfilled a childhood dream when I conceived, designed, wrote, and illustrated a video game Calculords. It ended up being a weird, hard-to-explain game.
Seanbaby at Cracked


BLACK FRIDAY on Zenva Academy!
Access +100 online courses starting at $5 during November.

HTML5 game engine to create GameBoy blockbuster “Pyramids of Ra”
The goal in Pyramids of Ra is to clear each stage of every tile, while also managing to return to the starting point.
Emanuele Feronato's blog

Implementing game control mechanisms: desktop mouse and keyboard controls
It would be good to add mouse and keyboard support, so the game can be playable also on desktop. That way we can broaden the list of supported platforms.
MDN Games


GitHub Game Off theme announcement


Web Audio Font - soundfont for Web Audio API

Dot World Maker - an online RPG maker


Protober challenge

Masterlist of tutorials for VR


Josh Regan at BristolJS: Prototyping with Phaser, game jam to release

Richard Davey at BristolJS: HTML5 game development with Phaser


Candy Bubble

Zig Zag

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