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Gamedev.js Weekly #147


Miniclip launches their first PlayCanvas game
PlayCanvas is proud to announce that browser-gaming giant Miniclip has published their first PlayCanvas-powered game: Virtual Voodoo.
Will at PlayCanvas blog

The attempts to bring "AAA quality" games to mobile - and why they are failing
I have grown increasingly frustrated by AAA's insistence on maximizing hardware use regardless of game's actual needs - an insistence that's largely responsible for out of control complexity and costs.
Andreas Papathanasis at Gamasutra

Are programmer brains different?
What can neuroscience teach us about the brains of software developers? A lot.
Eric Elliott at Medium

Ray Input: WebVR interaction patterns
What would the web look like if there were no scrollbars, no mouse cursors, and no clickable links? That's what VR is like today.
Boris Smus blog

Control mechanisms in JavaScript games
Rendering the game on screen is one thing, but you also have to control it somehow, and there are plenty of different options suited for various platforms.
Andrzej Mazur at Mozilla Hacks


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Building a beat 'em up in Game Maker, part 3: combo attacks, more AI, and health pickups
Let's take some time to build up our AI a bit more.
David Silverman at Tuts+ Game Development

Matter.js - a 2D physics library in Tizen
We want to explain how to create a basic Tizen project, utilizing Matter.js and Tizen Studio (new name for Tizen IDE).
Tizen Developers

Procedurally generating stylized farmland scenes
We generated a greyscale filter-map indicating which areas should be rolling hills and which areas should be mountains, so that we could apply the appropriate terrain generation noise function to each of these areas to create the overall landscape.
Melanie Subbiah, Kenny Jones, Yi-Tong Tseo, and Cole Erickson at Williams Edu


meSing.js, a JavaScript singing synthesis library

swip.js, a library to create multi device experiments



Hill Valley


Pinata Party

Alien Academy

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