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Gamedev.js Weekly #146


Let us promote your Construct 2 games
So, you’ve made your game using Construct 2. Now what? How do you get your game known? Well we’re going to try and help.
Laura at Scirra's blog

Game design deep dive: making debugging into a mechanic in Beglitched
Beglitched is a game about interacting with an unfamiliar computer that once belonged to a legendary hacker.
AP Thompson at Gamasutra

We’re the solo dev and composer behind Klang, the intense techno, rhythm-action game that just released on Steam
Shortly after attending a game jam in 2013, I started development on my dream game, Klang, using Construct 2.
Tinimations at Reddit

Shadow Warrior 2 developers say DRM is a waste of time
There isn't a good way to stop piracy without hurting our customers.
Kyle Orland at Ars Technica

Postmortem from an unknown indie dev - first launch on Steam
I think the internet is loaded with success stories of indie games, but I can never seem to find the unsuccessful ones that I needed to read in order to lower my expectations a bit.
Bruno Bombardi at Gamasutra

An interview with Giovanny Beltran, js13kGames winner
We have an interview with Giovanny Beltran, winner of many categories at js13kGames, and one of the best entries in this year’s contest.
Giovanny Andres at Mozilla Hacks


Complete HTML5 SameGame game for you to play and download, featuring “no more moves” check
Here we are with the final step of SameGame series, a complete playable SameGame with high scores and a “no more moves” check.
Emanuele Feronato's blog

How to make a game in CSS3D
I'll focus on some discoveries I've made, like how to deal with the rotation and translation axis, how to simulate a camera and how to make CSS3D scenes interactive with a little bit of JS.
Maxime Euzière's blog

How to create a game bot and publish your HTML5 games on Telegram
We decided that our bot should be capable of serving our games, setting the user’s score and answering inline queries.
Andoni Martin at Ludei's blog

Implementing game control mechanisms: mobile touch controls
We will see how easy it is to implement mobile controls in an HTML5 game, and enjoy playing on a mobile touch-enabled device.
MDN Games


HTML5 Game Development with Phaser at BristolJS on October 26th


AirConsole Game Dev Contest 2017


Tsunami.nz earth animation

Random SVG morphing


Kart Wars

Red Crucible: Reloaded

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