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Gamedev.js Weekly #145


Current state of HTML5 game development in 2016
I thought it would be a great idea and the opportunity to revise how building HTML5 games have changed and evolved over the last few years from my perspective.
Andrzej Mazur at JS Kongress

How one indie developer has kept the classic cRPG alive for 20 years
These RPGs seem lost in time, but a focus on storytelling has kept some players coming back for years.
Andy Chalk at PC Gamer

Building Topple Trump, an interactive web-based quiz game (case study)
Creating an online quiz that is simple to use, looks great and is really fun to play is one thing. Basing it on Donald Trump’s polarizing presidential campaign is another.
Liam Bush at Smashing Magazine

How did game developers pack entire games into so little memory twenty five years ago?
Software titles for home game systems used 64K to 128K cartridges and yet provided game play for hours along with various graphics, sprites and sound.

Spil Games to make mobile and web game based on Valerian sci-fi film
Amsterdam-based Spil will create the official game to go with the $180 million movie being created by film studio EuropaCorp.
Dean Takahashi at Venture Beat


Apply to 4,000+ Companies with One Application
Create your Hired profile to get top companies to start applying to hire you.


Building a beat 'em up in Game Maker, part 1: player movement, attacks, and basic enemies
In modern gaming, Beat ’Em Up classics like Turtles In Time and X-Men the arcade game have been replaced by 3D Brawlers like Shadow of Mordor and Arkham Knight, the AAA evolution of these quarter-guzzling classics. Also part 2: combat and basic enemy AI.
David Silverman at Tuts+ Game Development

Construct 2 tutorials – Stick Hero
Famous Stick Hero game tutorials.
Virendra Kumre at MobileZdeveloper

HTML5 SameGame engine powered by Phaser – adding animations
If you enjoyed the HTML5 SameGame example I showed you last week, here is the second part with animations and a deeply commented source code.
Emanuele Feronato's blog


Upcoming Phaser workshop at the JS Kongress conference


GitHub's game jam, Game Off, returns next month


TrueValhalla: tools and programs I use to run my business

HyperJS game engine released


Making HTML5 Space Invaders - project structure - part 1

Game interfaces: how it's made in Raining Chain


Exit Isol8

Number Tumbler

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