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Gamedev.js Weekly #143


Some subtleties of keyboard inputs in JavaScript games
After js13kGames 2016, we realized on Slack that many games were only playable with W, A, S, D keys, and many players were bothered by that.
Maxime Euzière's blog

Making sense of skyboxes in VR design
How the physics of our real world translate to VR design practices.
Tessa Chung at Medium

A very long post about how to become a creator
Even by my wordy standards, this page is super TL;DR. I suggest just reading it until I get to the bit where I plug my new game.
Jeff Vogel at Gamasutra

Jump start your motivation by forcing yourself to make more choices
We all have days where our motivation falls flat. If you need to get the gears turning, you can motivate yourself simply by making a choice, big or small.
Patrick Allan at Lifehacker

Pixels and voxels, the long answer
What is the difference between pixel and voxel? I sometimes can’t help myself, so instead of giving a straight answer, I wrote a whole article on the topic.
Matej ‘Retro’ Jan at Medium


Apply to 4,000+ Companies with One Application
Create your Hired profile to get top companies to start applying to hire you.


HTML5 prototype of iOS “o:anquan” puzzle game powered with Phaser
The idea behind o:anquan is inspired by the control of a traditional Vietnamese children’s board game.
Emanuele Feronato's blog

Create Zig Zag game using Cocos2D-X JavaScript
I will show you how easy it is to build Zig Zag game in JavaScript.
Meir Yanovich at GameDevCraft


js13kGames 2016 winners announced

List of js13kGames 2016 devs post-mortems


Timestore - a library to manage multiple timers inside separate contexts

CheckiO - build your space base and conquer others using your coding skills


Impact or Phaser eBook, a guide to create an indie videogame in just 72 hours


Paper planes world

Transition effect with CSS masks



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