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Gamedev.js Weekly #141


DOOM (2016) - graphics study
The new DOOM is a perfect addition to the franchise, using the new id Tech 6 engine where ex-Crytek Tiago Sousa now assumes the role of lead renderer programmer.
Adrian Courrèges' blog

How to delay your indie game
With Maia maturing, this week’s hotfix up on Steam and the full ten hours of campaign in production, I’m taking some time to address why it’s all taking so bloody long.
Simon Roth at Maia blog

Steam Review system changed again
I was completely shocked to open the Steam page for my first game Seeders today and see the customer rating suddenly changed from Mixed to Positive.
Richmondavid at Reddit

Super Chrono Portal Maker - js13kGames 2016 post mortem
This project took me nearly 200h to complete, much more than any of my previous entries, and more than any of my previous personal projects.
Maxime Euziere's blog

Numbers getting even bigger: the growing appeal of incremental games
The current boom in incremental games started in 2013 with games like Cookie Clicker and Candy Box, which were followed by a growing number of similar titles.
Alexander King at Tuts+ Game Development


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Apply transitions between your Phaser states with a single line of code thanks to State Transition Plugin
The plugin heavily relies on taking snapshots of the state we are about to leave and the state we are about to call, then tweening them as you want.
Emanuele Feronato's blog

Amazon Lumberyard: UI Editor
I'll show you how to use the UI Editor and its features. You will add and configure several elements such as background, text labels, and buttons.
Orlando Pereira at Tuts+ Game Development


js13kGames entries are online


Deepstream.io - scalable server for realtime web apps

JointJS - HTML5 JavaScript diagramming library


Lightning effect

Neat-o gravity effect


Honey Shot

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