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Gamedev.js Weekly #140


How video game concept artist Janice Chu finds inspiration in limitations
Unlike a lot of artists, Janice Chu didn’t necessarily grow up knowing she wanted to draw things for a living.
Andrew Webster at The Verge

Free-to-play isn’t a special case in ethics
Over the past few years, more than that even, there has been a lot of discussion around free-to-play games and ethics.
Ian Griffiths at Gamasutra

requestAnimationFrame scheduling for nerds
A few people were curious about the scheduling of requestAnimationFrame callbacks, so here’s the tl;dr.
Paul Irish at Medium

Publishers for indies – are they useful anymore?
The role of publishers in games has changed massively in the last four decades.
Brandon Sheffield at Gamasutra

Progressive web apps running as native OS X apps
Progressive Web Apps are getting ready for desktop.
Vlad Filippov at Opera Dev


Using a texture atlas to optimize your game
In a 3D game, the UI is usually made of 3D elements (such as planes or boxes) with textures.
Matteo Sciutteri at Tuts+ Game Development

HTML5 prototype of iOS hit “Hero Slide” made with Phaser – controlling the game with swipes
I am showing you how to control our Hero Slide prototype using swipes.
Emanuele Feronato's blog


Humble GameMaker Bundle

JS MythBusters - optimization handbook from a high level point of view


Voxel Mario

Radians explained (SVG + JS, no library)

Glitch art with HTML5 Canvas


Simplify This Horse

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