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Gamedev.js Weekly #139


Suggestions for Phaser 3
With Phaser 2.6.2 released last week, I'm now setting my sights to the Phaser roadmap, and Phaser 3.0 in particular.
Richard Davey at Patreon

Wooga hit with layoffs as it reshuffles for the casual market
Wooga's remaining staffers will be split into three studios focused on creating casual games in the puzzle, hidden object, and casual simulation genres.
Chris Kerr at Gamasutra

Sold my first game
Hey there, people were asking me, how a 16 years old managed his way from developing the game to selling the game?
Kartikey at Phoenix Bolt Studios

Satire game takes aim at Mylan EpiPen controversy
GOP Arcade mocks pharma company greed.
Colin Campbell at Polygon

Bulkypix is going under and it's a huge mess for everyone
This follows up on the company declaring bankruptcy in March of this year and an unsuccessful push to find a buyer for the ailing French publisher.
Shaun Musgrave at TouchArcade


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js13kGames tutorial video series
We cover the creation of a simple “cross the road” / “frogger” type of game using the Kontra JavaScript micro-framework.
Pablo Farias Navarro at Zenva Academy

Building social JavaScript games
One of the best ways to build an audience is to make your games more social. The classic element of social gameplay is a leaderboard system.
Mo Firouz at Heroic Labs blog


Making games with JavaScript and Phaser.io talk at JS Kongress

Build HTML5 games with Phaser workshop at JS Kongress
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Phaser Games Pack #1

Making games from scratch using vanilla JavaScript


SVG Overwatch loading icon

Typographic soup


Robot Forest

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