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Gamedev.js Weekly #138


Facebook is building its own Steam-style desktop gaming platform with Unity
Facebook may try to compete with Steam, or at least win back revenue lost when casual gaming shifted to mobile.
Josh Constine at TechCrunch

The way out of burnout
A psychoanalyst explains why for people feeling “burnt out”, simply trying to relax doesn’t always work.
Josh Cohen at 1843 Magazine

As the SNES turns 25, devs weigh in on the console's 11 best games
Some of the most beloved and surprising videogames of the past year - Undertale, Stardew Valley, and the recent Headlander - have something in common: they all are direct descendants of Super Nintendo games.
Jon Irwin at Gamasutra

Roguelike indie expedition sim - "The Curious Expedition" approaches release
German studio Maschinen-Mensch confirms September 2 launch.

Disney's many, many attempts at figuring out the game industry
Disney no longer makes its own video games.
Willie Clark at Polygon


HTML5 player movement like in popular iOS game “Back to Square One” made with Phaser
It’s a platform game with a single tap control scheme that’s a perfect fit for mobile devices. The second part of the tutorial about adding enemies is available too.
Emanuele Feronato's blog

Building Pokemon Go in pure HTML, Javascript and CSS - part 1
I will take you through a basic steps to setup the underlying game interface, which we will call “JavascriptGo”.
Jonathan Block at GeofenceAPI blog


WebMonkeys - massively parallel GPU programming

Sprite Splitter - cut a spritesheet into individual frames


Gunslugs in HTML5 are open sourced

Game development for human beings, a free ebook


WebAudio music ES6

Pure CSS flying rocket


Bots Boom Bang

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