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Gamedev.js Weekly #137


Bootstrap your vanilla JS game with this project setup and gulp build
Building your own vanilla HTML5 game without dependencies might sound like a tough and odd job to do. In fact, it's a really fun experience.
Ayman Farhat at The Code Ship

Nintendo shuts down Metroid 2 fan remake AM2R
The long in-development fan project Another Metroid 2 Remake (AM2R) was released on PC, and Nintendo is shutting it down its distribution on filesharing sites.
Jose Otero at IGN

PlayCanvas versus Unreal WebGL
Flappy Bird clones have been made in both Unreal and PlayCanvas. Let’s take the Epic-authored Tappy Chicken and see how it fares against the PlayCanvas.
Will at PlayCanvas blog

The one weird trick to success: overtime
In the last couple of weeks I saw lots of discussions about working long hours and pulling all nighters. Sadly most articles glorified working long hours.
Bodo Tasche at Bitboxer

Adding multiplayer to a huge video game takes longer than a week
Making video games is hard. Making online multiplayer games is even harder. This is a fact of life that’s obvious to developers, but sadly is often lost on players and some members of the press.
Ben Kuchera at Polygon

js13kGames: code golf for game devs
I’ve interviewed the winners, asking them to share some of their secrets to success. They share tooling and techniques for game development with extreme constraints.
Andrzej Mazur at Mozilla Hacks blog


Apply to 4,000+ Companies with One Application
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Getting started in WebGL, part 2: the Canvas element for our first shader
I'll show you how to incorporate shaders into your WebGL application. We'll start from scratch, using JavaScript only and no third-party libraries.
Omar El Sayyed at Tuts+ Game Development

HTML5 prototype of iOS hit “Hero Slide” made with Phaser – handling animations and allowing only legal moves
To continue the Hero Slide prototype added a couple of weeks ago, we need to properly handle animations and allow only legal moves.
Emanuele Feronato's blog

Multiplayer WebSocket game server written in C using libuv, libwebsockets and Cocos2d-x-HTML5
The motivation to write this 6 part set of tutorials is to show developers how to build fast websockets game server.
Meir Yanovich at GameDevCraft


New platforms for Cocoon

ShiftJS - open source Swift to JavaScript transpiler written in JavaScript


Electric eel




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