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Gamedev.js Weekly #136


Generating fantasy maps
I wanted to make maps that look like something you'd find at the back of one of the cheap paperback fantasy novels of my youth.
Martin O'Leary at MEWO2

Deconstructing: “Secret of the Forest” from Chrono Trigger
We’ll take a look in detail at a work of music and break it down into its disparate parts, with the ultimate goal of enhancing the reader’s experience with the music.
Jason M. Yu at The Musical Narrative

What can architects learn from No Man’s Sky?
Near-infinite universe that No Man’s Sky offers is plenty reason to be excited but the way Hello Games is creating that universe using procedural generation is equally inspiring.
Youssef Maguid at Kill Screen

“I want to know what code is running inside my body”
Marie Moe is a cyborg who runs on proprietary software she can’t trust. She’d like to change that.
K McGowan

Google Chrome will beat Flash to death with a shovel
Adobe plugin completely snubbed for HTML5.
Shaun Nichols at The Register


How to create a responsive 8-bit drum machine using Web Audio, SVG and multitouch
I’m going to share some tips I recently followed to build a fun demo for the Build 2016 conference. The idea was to create a small drum machine, with sounds and graphics.
David Rousset at Smashing Magazine

HTML5 prototype of iOS hit “Hero Slide” made with Phaser – adding explosions when matching bombs
Hero Slide series continue, with another important feature to add and code optimization.
Emanuele Feronato's blog


js13kGames 2016 starts tomorrow!


Start Making Games slides from Jack Rugile's talk

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Dynamic grass in WebGL




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