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Gamedev.js Weekly #134


Upstream launches GAMEDOM a browser based subscription gaming portal
HTML5 based gaming portal brings big name games to new markets for the first time.
Upstream News

The Raspberry Pi has revolutionized emulation
I think I spent most of my childhood – and a large part of my life as a young adult – desperately wishing I was in a video game arcade.
Jeff Atwood at Coding Horror

Videoball, and the challenge of designing (and selling) simplicity
Tim Rogers, occasional Gamasutra contributor and director of the recently released Videoball, has been doing everything he can to put his game's best face forward.
Joel Couture at Gamasutra

Writing romance in (non-romance) games: linear romances
Compelling romance subplots are tough to write at the best of times. But that’s no reason to eschew romantic storylines altogether.
Alexander M. Freed's blog

Omnitone: spatial audio on the web
Spatial audio is a key element for an immersive Virtual Reality experience.
Google Open Source Blog

A guy cosplayed as a real life Lego figure and it was not awesome
Two guys just created a lifelike Lego figure costume and took it to Comic-Con 2016. And now no one can sleep at night.
Alison Lynch at Metro News


Speed up Phaser game development with Phaser Editor
If you are looking for a way to speed up Phaser game development, easily handle and manage your projects and have a dedicated IDE, then you should look at Phaser Editor.
Emanuele Feronato's blog

How to make a Breakout clone in HTML5 with Phaser
This is a short Phaser tutorial that will show you how to create a simple breakout clone.


Gulp plugin for TexturePacker

Building regular expressions with natural language


Star Wars galaxy map

Aimable confetti cannon


OverVolt Crazy Slot Cars

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