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Gamedev.js Weekly #133


GamePix and HandyGames team up
GamePix and HandyGames team up to port hard & mid-core HTML5 games on the web.

Dad Quest is the dad-based action game you've been waiting for
Now that I've seen the Steam Greenlight trailer for Dad Quest, I'm forced to face a terrible truth: I've been doing it wrong this whole time.
Justin McElroy at Polygon

Google is launching an indie gaming festival in September
Google is hoping to lure more indie game developers to its platforms with an upcoming festival in San Francisco.
Andrew Webster at The Verge

ADD and Game Dev (part I): making games when you struggle with a hyper-mind
My brain feels like the Millennium Falcon - always threatening to rattle itself apart as I blast my way through a vast hyperspace of to-do lists on any given day.
Nathan Meunier at Gamasutra

What happens after an indie game fails on Steam
Brigador took five years to create. On Steam, it has a 94 percent positive rating. Despite all that, it flopped.
Nathan Grayson at Kotaku


Apply to 4,000+ Companies with One Application
Create your Hired profile to get top companies to start applying to hire you.


HTML5 Down The Mountain game prototype made with Phaser – making hops more realistic
So we are going to use a Bezier curve to give the tween a fake idea of an isometric jump.
Emanuele Feronato's blog

Making levels with the Super Mario World method: skill themes, part 2
I'm going to look at the final two skill themes: the preservation of momentum theme and the intercepts theme.
Patrick Holleman at Tuts+ Game Development


Tiny-Canvas, a lightweight minimal implementation with WebGL backend

Howler.js 2.0 released

js13kGames competition template powered by Gulp and Rollup.js


2D liquid simulation in WebGL

Star nursery


Hands-on Webinar - Phaser tutorial at the Crater.io JavaScript Mobile Conference 2016

A brief history of video game controllers


Sailor Pop

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