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Gamedev.js Weekly #130


Meet the man on a mission to make the worst video game ever
Sos Sosowski has a plan, and it's a brilliant one.
Mike Diver at Vice

Demons With Shotguns postmortem - don't quit your day job
Demons with Shotguns is the ultimate couch fragger gibfest. It’s frantic local multiplayer action at its bloodiest.
Nicholas DiMucci at Gamasutra

What splitting from the EU means for UK games developers
To gauge initial reaction, I've been talking to developers, PRs, and different industry trade bodies to find how they've taken the news. It would be fair to say 'Not well'.
Julian Benson at Kotaku

Best design methods for mobile games
There are various things you need to remember when designing for a mobile device.
Firenibbler's blog

7 successful Early Access games that all developers should study
When Valve first launched its Early Access program in 2013, many viewed it through a cynical lens.
Holly Green at Gamasutra

G2A, piracy, and the four currencies
I never thought the day would come where I would passionately argue that fans should pirate my game rather than pay for it, but here we are.
Lars Doucet at Fortress of Doors

I hate Wizard Quest - how I worked 4 years on a simple HTML5 game
It was suppose to be the first serious HTML5 game from Enclave Games, but it ended up being a huge pain – here’s the story.
Andrzej Mazur's blog


Make your HTML5 games run on Android devices with Cordova and Android Studio
Although I am a die-hard iOS fan, recently I bought a Huawei p9 lite because I wanted to port some of my games on both iOS and Android devices.
Emanuele Feronato's blog

Web Font preloading for HTML5 games
We will explore some techniques for preloading Web Fonts into our games, and describe how to integrate them with a popular 2D game framework: Phaser.
Belén Albeza at Mozilla Hacks

HTML5 Drag and Match engine made with Phaser updated to Phaser 2.5.0
One of the things I love about Phaser is it gets updated extremely often, always looking for new features to add and new stuff to optimize.
Emanuele Feronato's blog


Phaser Editor v1.2.0 released

Game Pencil Engine


A parallel raytracer built with TypeScript and GPU.js (WebGL/GLSL)

Street Fighter 1 - intro game arcade

Concentrics - Two.js


Square Path

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