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Gamedev.js Weekly #13


Flash failed on mobile, the app stores are overcrowded, and why HTML5 is the alternative
We have already noticed that HTML5 powered engines and games are showing on the market in much bigger numbers than in the first years of the technology’s existence.
Przemek at Bushido Games

Phaser 2 and our plans for the future
Exactly 6 months after the release of Phaser 1.0 we released version 2. It was a huge update.
Rich at Photon Storm

Luis Zuno interview
Luis puts all his effort and skills trying to venture into indie games development with his first game, Elliot Quest.
Indieverse blog

Put your Apps and Games on more screens with Amazon Fire TV
Today, Amazon announced Amazon Fire TV, a new device that makes it easy for users to stream movies, TV shows, and music as well as download apps and play games right on the HDTVs they already own.
Mike Hines at Amazon Blog

WebGL plants game in Oculus Rift with one line of code
It’s just one line of code with the Babylon.js 3D engine and a game is converted from 2D to fully Oculus Rift-ready.
Chris Burns at SlashGear

Ludei aims to lure HTML5 developers away from Adobe’s Phonegap
Ludei takes a swing at Adobe today, announcing that HTML5 games and apps built with its CocoonJS tools can run 10 times faster than similar apps made with the older company’s traditional Phonegap development tools.
Dean Takahashi at GamesBeat


How to Code Doors and Locks
In games made of connected rooms like The Legend of Zelda, the more recent The Binding of Isaac, or any type of Roguelike or even Metroidvania-like, doors play an essential part in the navigation and progress of the player.
Kyatric at Tuts+ Game Development


HTML5 gaming: the future is here
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Make a HTML5 Platformer game with Game Develop


HTML5 Game Jam Paris 2014 registration has just opened


Lostcast episode 68: Tweencast


Esviji - HTML5 and SVG puzzle game

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