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Gamedev.js Weekly #128


10 fun browser games for learning web development
We’ve prepared for you 10 browser games for web developers and coders, that you can use to learn more about JavaScript, CSS and HTML.
Danny Markov at Tutorialzine

Breathing life into non-player characters: insights from psychological attribution
I suggest AI developers could benefit from knowing exactly which elements of behavior meaning the brain extracts from minimal visual scenes.
Florent Levillain at Gamasutra

Understanding vertical slicing
...or how to create feature based iterations of your game.
Chris Estevez at HacknPlan

Endgame content
I’m not usually particularly prone to overthinking things or introspection, but recently that’s changed and I’m finding myself a little bit lost. Directionless.
Tony Gowland at Medium

Two more months in the underground
I talked about Bloo Kid 2s recent success on Amazon Underground. Now, two months later, the story continues.
Jörg at Winterworks

A conversation about fantasy user interfaces
As a user interface engineer at Google, Kirill Grouchnikov brings real world UIs to life, but he devotes a considerable portion of his free time exploring the world of fantasy UIs.
Khoi Vinh at Subtraction


HTML5 Dungeon Raid tile engine made with Phaser – part 3
This new step of the HTML5 Dungeon Raid tile engine adds two new features and moves a bit beyond the Dungeon Raid tutorial series I blogged during these times.
Emanuele Feronato's blog

Making music in a browser: recreating theremin with JS and Web Audio API
A young Léon Theremin accidentally notices that the sound coming from one of his high-frequency oscillators changes pitch when he moves his hand.
Stuart Memo at Smashing Magazine

5 courses to get you started with game design
Whether you want to design characters, environments or landscapes, these comprehensive video courses will teach you everything you need to know.
Andrew Blackman at Tuts+ Game Development


Phaser SpriteSheet Unpacker

Img2dds - convert image to dxt texture


What went right and what went wrong: an analysis of 155 postmortems from game development (pdf)


Procedurally generated starfield

Open Ocean - Hurry


Ranger Steve - Buffalo Invasion

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