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Gamedev.js Weekly #127


Ludum Dare: well, this is awkward
Remember, Ludum Dare was hobby. Under my watch, it grew in to something bigger. We didn’t plan anything, because we didn’t expect it to succeed. It used to be just for fun.
Mike Kasprzak at Ludum Dare

Working with voxels in gamedev
Zachary Soares discussed the production process, the way you can most effectively spend your time with this technology and how you can use it in VR.
Zachary Soares at 80 Level

Game design deep dive: Dying Light's natural movement system
It was a level design nightmare. It was never enough to cover all the possible approaches to an objective, but it was also completely unmanageable.
Maciej Binkowski, Bartosz Kulon, Paul Milewski at Gamasutra

Find a friend, boost your creativity, and make your digital dream come true
Are you passionate about something? Do you have a secret project? Not something that will change the world, but will definitely change you?
Igor Izhik at Smashing Magazine

My first contribution to an open source project
What you are afraid to do is a clear indicator of the next thing you need to do.
Yetty Sanni at Medium

How to write a Readme that rocks
Developers love to share code in the form of packages, full apps, or tiny modules. Sharing is great, but one area that a lot of developers forget about is the readme file.
Eric L. Barnes at Medium

How to identify the scope of your game
It can be hard to know which game, or project, is right for the time and resources available to you. I recently had this problem and was forced to rethink my strategy.
Happypwn at Reddit


Make your JavaScript application or HTML5 game protect itself with Jscrambler 4
Protecting your hard work has always been a priority. In the making of your latest HTML5 game, you invested lots of hours in developing your JavaScript code.
Emanuele Feronato's blog

Getting started with WebVR in PlayCanvas
Did you hear? VR is BIG! But what is bigger than VR? The web, that’s what. What happens when you mix the web and VR?
Dave at PlayCanvas blog

Cooking a new HTML5 game in Phaser
I have been using Phaser for more than a year. With time, I created a ‘design pattern’ which would be helpful in making games.
Rudrabhoj at Agnis Development Blog

Explaining basic 3D theory for web games
This article explains all of the basic theory that's useful to know when you are getting started working with 3D.
MDN Games


New Slack channel for js13kGames


HTML5 game development Gulp workflow

Behavior system plugin for Phaser


Eye mouse following

Cub n Pup - puzzle game demo


Crazy 4

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