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Gamedev.js Weekly #125


The making of native-like HTML5 games – part 1
The main objective with Sailor Pop is to create an experience rich enough so that retention strategies can be used successfully.
Frederic Rezeau at Okijin Games

Monument Valley in numbers: year 2
In January of 2015 we made the decision to be transparent with how Monument Valley has performed since its release.
Ustwogames at Medium

What are the best resolutions for your HTML5 game?
I have had multiple people ask me what the best resolution for their online game is, and the answer is, it depends.
Firenibbler's blog

From Starcraft to Age of Empires: when architecture is the game
On MetaSpace we have introduced a general overview of the challenges that video game designers face when creating buildings, cities and even maps.
Manuel Saga at Arch Daily

NASA's Blend4Web-powered project won a Webby Award
It seems though the story of Experience Curiosity, a Blend4Web-powered simulator developed by NASA, is not quite over.
Yuri Kovelenov at Blend4Web blog

A guide to personal side projects
Personal side projects are a cornerstone of creative growth and discovery. While they might not always result in financial gain, the long-term benefits are often more useful.
Jon Yablonski at Smashing Magazine

Family matters: how video games help successful aging
Gaming makes getting older better, and more fun.
Sanela Osmanovic and Loretta Pecchioni at The Conversation


How to turn your Goo Create scene into an Android app using CocoonJS
Step 1: Make an awesome app using Goo Create.
Create Tutorials

Understanding Firebase services
I am finding Firebase interesting, especially when it’s time to add features to games.
Emanuele Feronato's blog

Building up a basic demo with Babylon.js
We'll take you through the real basics of using Babylon.js, including setting up a development environment, structuring the necessary HTML, and writing JavaScript code.
MDN Games


Phaser 2.4.8 released

Native Web Animations API support test page


WebGL Cesium flight simulator

Displacementmap image transition


Swerve, a WebGL game built with PlayCanvas

Captain Rogers: Battle at Andromeda demo
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