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Gamedev.js Weekly #123


Ice Cream Express - creating a HTML5 game for touch screen displays
One emerging form of digital retail marketing that has been found to successfully engage shop visitors like no other are branded games.
Marcin Wasilewski at Merix Studio

6 games that do a great job of standing out and selling themselves
Steam Greenlight is brimming with newly greenlit titles, Kickstarters are being successfully kickstarted, and it's harder than ever for an indie title to stand out.
Bryan Lufkin at Gamasutra

Porting Top Eleven to Unity WebGL
You can expect to learn more about developing WebGL games using Unity, what challenges our team had and how we tackled them in order to release a new version.
Milos Markovic at Nordeus

Disney is ending its Infinity video game line, shutting down Avalanche Software
Disney announced today that it would be discontinuing its Infinity video game line and shutting down its internal studio, Avalanche Software.
Julia Alexander at Polygon

The ten commandments of mobile gaming
PC gaming isn’t the only thing that has some rules that all developers should abide by.
Tjoeb123 at Kinja


My take on handling slopes with Phaser and Arcade physics
This is my first take on handling slopes with Phaser and Arcade physics, and basically you can do it by checking for intersections and playing with trigonometry and gravity.
Emanuele Feronato's blog


TextureUnpacker 1.0

Generate image analogies using neural matching and blending


Source code of HTML5 Tic-Tac-Toe multiplayer game powered by Colyseus

Minibook “Create HTML5 Vertical Endless Runner cross platform games” gets a big update with a whole new game


Canvas: maze generator and solver

Spaceship harddisk 3


EmberConf 2016: Building a game in Ember starring your cat by Matt McKenna



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