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Gamedev.js Weekly #121


Why HTML5 developers should be excited about bots on Kik
Kik opened its bot platform to developers just a few weeks ago. I believe that bots are a game changer.
Rémi Vansteelandt's blog

7 examples of great game physics that every developer should study
Physics can drive core mechanics like in Portal and Where's My Water?, or it can underpin them — as in World of Goo's tower building and Red Faction Guerilla's spectacular world-warping destruction physics.
Richard Moss at Gamasutra

Self-publishing? Evaluate these three factors before deciding
One of the most fundamental decisions for a mobile game developer is the decision between publishing the game yourself or to use an established publisher.
Jukka Hilvonen's blog

Being a developer after 40
Hi everyone, I am a forty-two years old self-taught developer, and this is my story.
Adrian Kosmaczewski at Free Code Camp

Narrative design tips I wish I'd known
I've been working on a video game writing curriculum for the Gotham Writers' Workshop for more than two months now, and it made me realize how much I wish I'd known when I first started.
David Kuelz at Gamasutra

Atari co-founder: mobile games make me want to throw my phone
Video games pioneer Nolan Bushnell is planning to revive the ‘hardcore fundamental game design’ of arcades to make mobile titles worth playing.
Will Freeman at The Guardian

A protocol for dying
Time for my last article.
Pieter Hintjens blog


Create a HTML5 game like Planet Revenge using Phaser and Arcade physics
It’s a fun game, but moreover it’s quite easy to make, and I am showing you a step by step guide about the making of this game using Phaser. Check out step 2 next.
Emanuele Feronato's blog

The Making of The Aviator: animating a basic 3D scene with Three.js
Today, we are going to create a simple 3D flying plane using ThreeJS, a 3D library that makes WebGL simpler.
Karim Maaloul at Codrops

JS collision detection cheat sheets: learn AABB Box, Circle, and Point detection
I have put together this cheat sheet of sorts, to help out others like me.
Firenibbler's blog


Adventure Jam


Hyper JS, a new HTML5 game library is coming soon


Phaser WebGL demo of an authored Creature animation

Star Streaker



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