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Gamedev.js Weekly #120


Indie developer Rami Ismail responds to critic of work-life balance in game industry
I can’t believe structural crunch is still a problem in the games industry in 2016.
Rami Ismail at GamesBeat

Spelunky's journey from pixel game to console classic
It’s rare that gamers ever get to hear the full story behind how a game was made.
Luke Plunkett at Kotaku

Indies cook up 'no sale promise' icon for devs
By deliberately not participating in the ‘culture of sales’, at least for a while, you risk losing out on revenue and visibility that those sales could have generated.
Christian Nutt at Gamasutra

How to build a Raspberry Pi retro game console for $35
Since its release, the $35 Raspberry Pi mini-computer has been hailed as the perfect all-in-one retro game console.
Thorin Klosowski at Life Hacker

Ludum Dare #35 post-mortem of Sky Panic
This is the post-mortem of Sky Panic, a cute'em-up with pixel art graphics.
Belén Albeza's blog

Ludum Dare #35 with a twist – the making of Shape Attack
I’m trying to keep up building at least one game per month this year. Game jams can help achieve the goal – that’s why I’ve decided to take part in Ludum Dare #35.
Andrzej Mazur's blog


Create a HTML5 level select screen controlled by swipe – new features: adding stars and saving progress on local storage
The journey towards the creation of a great HTML5 level select screen continues.
Emanuele Feronato's blog

Using Spriter player for Phaser
Player is written in Typescript and GitHub code contained both the player and small example on how to use it in one project.
Tomáš Rychnovský's blog

How to restrict the drag movement of a sprite to both X and Y axis in Phaser
There are cases that you want to allow a sprite to move both horizontally and vertically, but not allow movement to any other directions.
Stathis Goudoulakis at Burnmind


PixiJS v4 is here

Pyxel-edit-cli, a barebones PyxelEdit exporter


Getting started with WebVR on Vizor

Tokyo 42 announcement trailer


Kraken Typing

[LD35] Senshi

[LD35] Rectanguwarp

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