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Gamedev.js Weekly #12


Tetris with WebSockets
To make the game, I created a small Tetris game engine – using test-driven development, naturally.
Alex Young at DailyJS

Don't panic! Hitchhiker's Guide game rebooted in HTML5
The BBC's Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy text adventure game has been revamped for its thirtieth anniversary.
Philippa Warr at Wired UK

Nintendo Used Mario vs. Donkey Kong To Show Off Nintendo Web Framework At GDC
The Nintendo Web Framework is a development environment based on WebKit technologies, supporting software development on the Wii U using HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS.
Spencer at Siliconera

What Devices Should I Support with HTML5 Games
I’ve been gathering some statistics for determining the main platforms and devices that Souzou needs to support for it’s HTML5 Games.
Jonathan Russell at Souzou

From Flappy Bird clones to 2048, mobile web games are here to disrupt the App Store
Flappy Bird and 2048 have taken the world by storm in the past two months.
Austin Hallock at PandoDaily

Porting an HTML5 Game to Multiple Platforms
We chose HTML5 for its cross platform capability, because in theory, an HTML5 app can run on anything that has a web browser.
Yusdi Saliman at Kidalang

Where and how can we play HTML5 games?
The possibilities of accessing HTML5 games are almost endless.
Jeff Ryan blog

Casual games "just don't pay the bills any more"
Something has changed in casual game development, and not for the better.
Matthew Handrahan at GamesIndustry International

An Interview with Thomas Palef on Creating HTML5 Games
Who is Thomas Palef, you might ask? He is the guy behind a website called LessMilk, it’s where Thomas writes, and where he continues to build great HTML5 games.
Alex Ivanovs at Flippin Awesome

Top Tips for HTML5 games
We would like to share some of our past experiences to make developing games easier for you!
Manuel Pineda at InsideHTML5Games

HTML5: Then and Now
The pivot to touch devices and the movement toward device agnosticism are the trends van Os sees most affecting his company in the next two to three years.
Sponsored article


HTML5 Canvas Tutorial: An Introduction
Drawing graphics and creating animations directly in the browser is now completely possible thanks to a technology called HTML5 Canvas.
Ivaylo Gerchev at Sitepoint

Google Font Integration With Phaser
I’ll show you what code to use within your HTML code and Phaser to use Google Fonts.
Jonathan Russell at Souzou

Gamepad Controls for HTML5 Games
HTML5 games still have a lot of promises to fulfill, but the W3C gamepad specification is a great example of something that’s going well.
Nick Pettit at Treehouse


Next Game Frontier 2014: videos and content

Developer Roundtable: The Future of Cross-platform Game Development


SWOOOP - PlayCanvas WebGL game

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