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Gamedev.js Weekly #119


Phaser is 3 years old
A happy birthday retrospective about how Phaser began, and where it's headed.
Richard Davey at Phaser News

What's it like for a developer to watch speedrunners break their game?
A conversation between a game developer and a speedrunner.
Chris Daniel Grant at Polygon

Game engines: past, present and future
There are some very interesting developments happening in our industry today, particularly around video game engine advances.
Kevin Normann at Gamasutra

Runtime lightmap generation for WebGL with PlayCanvas
For many years, lightmapping has been the mainstay of achieving low cost yet realistic lighting.
Dave at PlayCanvas blog

Post apocalypse
I think it’s OK, it’s safe to come out. I think the indiepocalypse might be over.
Rob Remakes at We Make The Cops Look Dumb

Meet Richard Davey, creator of Phaser
To highlight the people behind projects we admire, we bring you the GitHub Developer Profile blog series.
Lee Reilly at GitHub blog

Firewatch: one month later
The story of Campo Santo and Panic — and how we ended up being a part of a first-person adventure video game.
Cabel at Panic blog


Create a HTML5 level select screen controlled by swipe – new feature: navigation with page thumbnails
Time to add another feature to the HTML5 level select screen controlled by swipe made with Phaser.
Emanuele Feronato's blog

How to use Phaser signals to save game statistics
Sometimes in a game you want to be aware of events that occur in your game the whole time, wether it would be to save game statistics or to build an achievement system.
Renan Oliveira at GameDev Academy


Ludum Dare 35 is happening this weekend


IonPhaser, a plugin to integrate Phaser with Ionic

Tilemancer, a flexible procedural tile creator designed for pixelart games


Exploding Rocket 5

GLSL Particle Font


Quest for Enlightenment and Pasta

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