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Gamedev.js Weekly #118


Why we gave away $2m worth of copies of SpeedRunners
It’s incredible to see a 7-digit number of players, but it’s even more amazing when you dive deeper and see how we got there.
Alex Nichiporchik at Tiny Build

Ariel's hierarchy of creative needs
This dude Abraham Maslow, he saw the patterns, and he wrote about them in a paper called "A Thoery on Human Motivation".
Ariel Gross at Gamasutra

Run your Construct 2 games as Xbox One apps
Yesterday at the Build conference Microsoft announced that anyone can turn their Xbox One in to a dev kit for Universal Windows Program development.
Ashley Gullen at Scirra's blog

The careful design of Cave Story
Cave Story cemented itself in indie game history as one of the few critically acclaimed games to have been created entirely from scratch by a single person.
David Xu at Soldier from the Surface

Gaming needs to argue more, here are some suggestions
Today, I argue for more argument on the Internet. I freely admit that this is a Hardcore-difficulty rhetorical maneuver.
Jeff Vogel at Gamasutra


HTML5 prototype of iOS game “Perfect Square” – step 2: adding levels
We are going to add only 30 more lines but we will feature level progression and the main GUI. Also check out step 3: adding in-game instructions and scaling the game for any resolution.
Emanuele Feronato's blog

Easy Cardboard VR in WebGL
We’ve launched a new library and developer tutorial and sample project showing you how to implement your own Cardboard VR web applications using PlayCanvas.
PlayCanvas blog


Living tissue tileset

Matriax free assets


Fractal explorer

Porsche Blackbox


Touch of Blood

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