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Gamedev.js Weekly #116


Punch Club has been pirated over 1 million times
Punch Club sold 300k copies total, got pirated over 1m times on PC, and 500k times on mobile.
Alex Nichiporchik at Tiny Build

Making the most out of the first-person perspective
The choice of perspective can have a massive impact on how gamers experience the various scenarios they find themselves in.
Michel Sabbagh at Gamasutra

Why we love the games that enrage us most
The psychology of intrinsic motivation and “hard fun” could improve education and, naturally, the next generation of video games.
John Pavlus at Scientific American

Layoffs at Scribblenauts devs 5th Cell
Scribblenauts developers 5th Cell have laid off 45 employees but, contrary to initial reports, the company say they’re not closing down.
Alice O'Connor at Rock Paper Shotgun

Richard Rouse III's 6 techniques to make game narratives more dynamic
"Game streaming has revealed a dirty little secret," says Richard Rouse III in his Tuesday GDC talk "Dyanmic Stories for Dynamic Games."
Chris Baker at Gamasutra

Set a date
Today I’m gonna talk a bit about project organization and planning.
Grhyll at 3-50


Understanding signal dispatch with Phaser
We’ll see how to use signals in the simplest way possible. We will also see some concepts about context.
Emanuele Feronato's blog

From idea to appstore — building successful cross platform games
The games you make should run on a multitude of different platforms and accept any number of different input types.
Jesse Freeman at Amazon Developer

HTML5 prototype of Pop the Lock iOS blockbuster using Phaser
It’s part of a game trend which is gaining a lot of popularity during the last months, where you basically have to solve the same level in the same way more and more times consecutively.
Emanuele Feronato's blog


Silent Hill 2 demake

Labyrimental - realistic rendering experiment


Basic pixel art tips with Photoshop


Iron Snout

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