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Gamedev.js Weekly #114


The 7 elements of game design
Game design as study is still in it’s infancy. This is not to stifle or standardize our medium but to drive it forward so that we may all become better designers.
Graham Dolle at Medium

Microsoft wants to monopolise games development on PC, we must fight it
Microsoft is looking to dominate the games industry ecosystem with its aggressive new UWP initiative. Developers must oppose this, or else cede control of their titles.
Tim Sweeney at The Guardian

For GDC's 30th, game industry notables reflect on 30 years of making games
"Flash Backward: 30 Years of Making Games" is a very special event where game industry luminaries will gather to look back on the last three decades of gamedev.
Gamasutra Staff

Fable developer Lionhead Studios to shut down
Microsoft has announced plans to shutter Lionhead Studios in the UK. Fable Legends beta ends mid-April. Refunds to be issued.
Tom Phillips at EuroGamer

How Steam key reselling is killing the little guys
IndieGameStand has had $30,759.42 in fraudulent credit card charges and transactions.
Mike Gnade at IndieGameStand

The 4 years of self-imposed crunch that went into Stardew Valley
You have to wonder when you hear about one 28-year-old Seattleite's grueling four-year quest to make the ultimate farming sim.
Chris Baker at Gamasutra

People are going crazy over this app that turns classic Nintendo games into 3D masterpieces
Ever wondered what your favorite classic Nintendo games might look like in three dimensions? We did too. Good news: here they are!
Ben Gilbert at Tech Insider


How to publish your HTML5 game on Facebook, using Facebook login, Share and CPMStar ads
If you want to monetize your HTML5 game, Facebook can be a gold mine if you manage to make it viral.
Emanuele Feronato's blog

Yoel HTML5 game engine tutorials
These are tutorials on how to use my html5 game engine. The numbered html files are the tutorials chapters. Open them using your browser.

Building a Google Chromecast game
We set about building a soccer game. We narrowed it down to the one thing people love seeing: goals.
Ben Chong at HTML5 Game Development


AirConsole HTML5 Game Contest 2016 - final days to submit

ID.net + Y8.com Game Contest


Screeps - the world's first MMO strategy sandbox game for programmers

FastPixel - the fast JavaScript API for your own pixel-art tool


Responsive pixel art

Collapse - The Division


Chris DeLeon - coding an HTML5 game in 5 min 30 sec

The road to WebVR by Jaume Sánchez at Full Stack Fest 2015


Ghost Town

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