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Gamedev.js Weekly #113


The Super Mario World method: understanding skill themes
I'm going to talk about the highest meaningful level of content, the skill theme. Skill themes are collections of levels which require the same player skills to beat.
Patrick Holleman at Tuts+ Game Development

When the game industry thinks you're too old to make video games
Here’s what David noticed: the older he got, the longer it took him to secure work.
Mark Serrels at Kotaku

Design tips from the designer of Fruit Ninja
How to make your games engaging and "juicy".
Ramine Darabiha at ReadWrite

Game jam at the top of the world
Fjords and nausea: aboard the first cruise ship for game-makers.
Simon Parkin at EuroGamer

Win up to USD 1,500 with AirConsole HTML5 Game Contest 2016
All developers will receive a feedback about their games highlighting what AirConsole team liked and what can be improved.
Emanuele Feronato's blog

What is the worth of a video game?
Gamers love to complain about things. The latest thing for them to get on their bile horse about is No Man's Sky.
Mr Biffo at Digitiser 2000


Making a custom pool class by extending Phaser.Group
Creating and destroying objects are quite expensive. Memory needs to be allocated for new objects, and their destruction will trigger the automatic garbage collector that may cause spikes in CPU usage.
Niklas Berg's blog

Hello World AirConsole tutorial: your first AirConsole project
With AirConsole your browser is the console, and your smartphone is your gamepad. I am going to port one of my games to AirConsole.
Emanuele Feronato's blog

Keepy Up - making a simple game with PlayCanvas
We've made a simple "Keepy Up" game where the object is to click or tap on the soccer ball to keep it in the air.
PlayCanvas manual tutorial

Building up a basic demo with A-Frame
A-Frame framework provides a markup language allowing us to build 3D VR landscapes using a system which follows game development coding principles.
MDN Games


Codemurai - Learn to make games, apps and website on your phone


AirConsole competition deadline extended


Phaser Editor v1.1.2 released

MelonJS 3.0.1 and the new apple TV


Hyper Mix

Rubik’s Cube Explorer


Puser Toh

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