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Gamedev.js Weekly #111


A closer look at the QICI Engine
Today we are looking at the QICI Engine and HTML5 game engine built over top of the Phaser framework which itself uses the Pixi graphics renderer.
Game From Scratch

Five things I've learned as a producer
The most important things are that you’re always learning and (almost!) always enjoying yourself - everything else will follow.
Lottie Bevan at Gamasutra

This is my back: being a game developer is just about the only thing I can do
How I learned to ask for help, and found a home in games.
Olivia White at Polygon

How to talk to designers about design: tips for non-designers
Do you work with “creatives”? Do you have trouble speaking their language? Do you have trouble expressing yourself? Then this article is for you.
Bartek Białek at NetGuru

No more 'narrative paramedics': Tomb Raider writer says hire writers early
Anyone who is familiar at all with how video games are made understands how astonishing it is that there have been any video games made that have told a good story.
Kris Graft at Gamasutra

Introducing the B3 JIT Compiler
This post reviews how the FTL JIT works, describes the motivation and design of B3, and shows how B3 fits into WebKit’s compiler infrastructure.
Filip Pizlo at WebKit blog


How to use pathfinding in Phaser
I’ll show how to use a pathfinding library. At the end, we will build a map where we can click to where we want our character to move.
Renan Oliveira at GameDev Academy

HTML5 prototype: player movement like in TwinSpin game with Phaser
Basically you have two spinning orbs. Each orb spins around the other orb, one clockwise and one counter-clockwise.
Emanuele Feronato's blog

Making and using a generic Enemy class with ES6 in Phaser
I decided code the enemies by creating a generic enemy class that extends Phaser Sprite, and then add actual enemies as extensions of that class.
Niklas Berg's blog

Introduction to Web MIDI
It’s a protocol that allows electronic musical instruments, computers and other devices to talk to each other.
Stuart Memo at Tuts+


Codemurai - Learn to make games, apps and website on your phone


AirConsole HTML5 Game Contest 2016 - win 1500 USD!


Maperial.js, a JavaScript API to create dynamical WebGL maps

Sublime Text plugin for Phaser API auto completion

Phaser 2.4.5 released


The war of 1996

Goo Create particle experiment


Leo's Red Carpet Rampage

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