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Gamedev.js Weekly #110


Discovering Sponza by Babylon.js and sharing tips on how to build a cross-platforms WebGL game
The team decided to build a new cool demo of what can be done with our WebGL engine but also to show how HTML5 web standards can build great games today.
David Rousset at Microsoft Developer blog

5 criteria of a successful mobile game
Here at in4ray each new mobile game development starts from market research and competitors comparative analysis.
Igor Matrofailo at Gamasutra

Amazon releases its own game engine, Lumberyard, for free
Amazon’s releasing their very own game engine. Lumberyard is based on Crytek’s famous CryEngine, and can be used to develop games for both PC and consoles.
András Neltz at Kotaku

Mobile first, a new challenge for WebGL
If WebGL projects are always designed with a ‘desktop first’ mentality in mind, how do we make sure those same experiences are possible on mobile?
Z Team

Why WebVR matters
I’m excited about the potential of virtual reality, augmented reality, 360 degree video and related technologies.
Casper Fabricius at Medium

Makers vs consumers – don’t hate, donate
When was the last time you contributed to some open source project? Did you ever even click on that little star on Github?
Nikola Brežnjak's blog


How to make a turn-based RPG game in Phaser – part 3
We are going to improve our BattleState, to include the following: battle reward including experience and items and a level system based on an experience table.
Renan Oliveira at GameDev Academy

A beginner's guide to designing video game levels
I'll explain how to design levels for video games, based on my experience as a designer for the Ratchet & Clank, Resistance, and Skylanders franchises.
Mike Stout at Tuts+ Game Development

Understanding steering behavior: HTML5 example using Phaser
There are a lot of things you can do with boids, and one of these nice things is the creation of a steering behavior.
Emanuele Feronato's blog

Building up a basic demo with PlayCanvas editor
Instead of coding everything from scratch you can use the online PlayCanvas editor. This can be a more pleasant working environment if you are not someone who likes to code.
MDN Games


Codemurai - Learn to make games, apps and website on your phone


AirConsole HTML5 Game Contest 2016

Playhack with PlayJam


WhitestormJS 3D Engine: a WebGL engine based on Three.js

NeutrinoParticles editor

Phaser Input plugin

Bliss: a 3kb library for happier vanilla JS


The Spirit: a particle-based WebGL experiment

A generic infinite runner game on CodePen



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