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Gamedev.js Weekly #11


10 tips for HTML5 games development
Strategies for successful cross-browser, cross-platform games development with HTML5.
Brian McHarg at Creative Bloq

Mozilla and Unity partner to make the browser one of Unity’s many available platforms
Mozilla is at it again, taking yet another step toward its goal of making web-based gaming a real thing.
Kia Kokalitcheva at GamesBeat

How to Become a Freelance Game Designer
Do you want to become a freelancer? Find out how to become a freelance game designer.
Josh Brown at GameDev Academy

Could Kik Messenger save HTML5 games?
HTML5 games reminds me of Oakland, California. Oakland is the smaller sister next to San Francisco, on the wrong side of the Bay.
Joel Brodie at Gamezebo

Flash AND HTML5, Unicorns Exist
A few days ago, Mochi Media announced that it was shutting its doors, and shutting down its services by the end of the month.
OpenFL blog

The economics of the mobile games market are broken, but there is a solution
There's something wrong with the tablet gaming market, but the solution may be imminent.
Rob Grossberg at TabTimes

iOS 7.1 - minimal-ui is anything but minimal for HTML5 game developers
The positive news with iOS 7.1 is that this version presents a great opportunity for all HTML5 game developers and full screen app producers.
Peter Mareš at HTML5GameDevelopment.com

Robbert van Os: Focus on HTML5 | Casual Connect Video
At Casual Connect Europe, Spil Games announced the Spil Games Platform. Robbert van Os states, “I am very excited about the monetization approach. Spil’s announcement can speed up the adoption of the HTML5 games market.”
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Orbital Debris – Making an HTML5 Game With Phaser
This is Orbital Debris, a small game I made in HTML5 with Phaser for a game jam organized by FGL. It won 3rd place.
Wolfgang at All Work All Play

Game Conceptualization Guide
Trying to figure out how to design the game in your head? It can be surprisingly difficult if you don’t have a good way to conceptualize your ideas.
Josef Shindler at GameDev Academy

Deploy your Construct 2 game to iOS - The easy way
I recently used a combination of VMware and Ejecta to publish one of my iOS apps, Epic Space: Insurgence, after a few weeks of hair pulling.
Taurian at Scirra

Build a tile-based HTML5 game
Tiles can work for a variety of games. Dan Neame shows you how to build a tile-based HTML5 game that will run on various browsers.
Dan Nearne at Creative Bloq

Game Audio Simplified
The Web Audio API is a powerful ally for anyone creating JavaScript games, but with that power comes complexity.
Si Robertson at Tuts+ Game Development

Building HTML5 games for Firefox OS
It's basically the same as building for the web itself, because Firefox OS is built using web technologies.
Andrzej Mazur at mobiForge


Beginning Firefox OS HTML5 Game Programming


Three.js unofficial builder


DUELYST - Squad-Based Tactical Combat with Ranked Competitive Play

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