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Gamedev.js Weekly #102

If you have anything you want to share with the HTML5 game development community please let me know by sending an email to andrzej.mazur@end3r.com.
I'm also open for related sponsorship opportunities and job listings.


Mozilla launches A-Frame: VR-capable websites starting with one line of code
Mozilla today released A-Frame, an open source library for creating virtual reality web experiences without having to know the powerful (but complex) WebGL.
Ben Lang at Road to VR

Bringing the power of SIMD.js to gl-matrix
Single-Instruction-Multiple-Data is a technique used in modern processors to exploit data level parallelism.
Sajjad Taheri at Mozilla Hacks

Examining the game industry's love-hate relationship with DLC
In recent months, the subject of DLC and season passes has become increasingly fraught.
Phill Cameron at Gamasutra

Game localization: how to market in different countries
A game developer could reach a much bigger audience when looking for chances in markets where you don’t speak the language.
Scott Johnston at Spil Games

The 5 most common mistakes HTML5 developers make: a beginner’s guide
Give hasty developers an incomplete spec, and you'll have a recipe for disaster.
Demir Selmanovic at Toptal

How to retain mobile app users - 6 expert tips
According to a study by Compuware, only 16% of users will try an app more than twice.
Pavel Golubev at Appodeal

Student success: interview with PAWs creator Costin Mirica
With four years of web development under his belt and some basic Photoshop knowledge, Costin Mirica decided to broaden his technology skills and learn how to build a mobile app.
Josephine Kent at GameDev Academy

Compiling to WebAssembly: it’s happening
WebAssembly is a new binary format for compilation to the web. It is in the process of being designed and implemented as we speak, in collaboration among the major browser vendors.
Alon Zakai at Mozilla Hacks


X-Mas Special on Zenva Academy, all courses on sale including The Complete Game Development Course

Calculating dynamic light and shadows in tile based roguelike games – part 2: drawing circles in a tile based environment
We are going to cover another important feature to simulate the radius of a point light, which could be a torch on the wall or the light halo around your character. Also see part 3: let there be Bresenham light.
Emanuele Feronato's blog

How to create an HTML5 Reddit’s Image Scraper using Phaser
All images and their data scraped from a Reddit JSON could be used to make some simple games.
Ask For Game Task

How to implement and use a message queue in your game
This tutorial covers the concept and implementation of a message queue system that can unify the interactions of entities, making your code manageable and easy to maintain as it grows in complexity.
Fernando Bevilacqua at Tus+ Game Development


HTML5 Canvas menu for games and applications

NPM module to add a gamepad to HTML5 Canvas based app


öde is a short infinite exploration demo made for Procjam

Star Wars movie title animated with CSS

Lightsaber Escape


SosTV - make a game in Allegro.js in 45 minutes

Game Maker's Toolkit - 5 bits of good game design from 2015


Cut the Rope 2 HTML5 is live

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