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Gamedev.js Weekly #101


Mozilla-pioneered asm.js and WebGL achieve milestone as the Unity game engine provides full support for WebGL titles
Our long-standing partner, Unity announced today that it is removing the preview label from its WebGL export functionality as of Unity 5.3.
Andre Vrignaud at Mozilla Blog

Writing a game engine from scratch - part 2: memory
This time we will cover a very important topic, that is often concidered to be something esoteric you shouldn't mess with too much. Memory Management. spooky.
Michael Kissner at Gamasutra

Marketing 101 for indie mobile game developers
Game developers can always use the extra help when it comes to marketing. Here’s the step-by-step guide to market your mobile game.
Rodolfo E. Madero at Soomla

5 tips for designing great game characters
For developers, game characters are key to a game’s success. Players relate to well-designed characters which makes the game experience feel real.
Scott Johnston at Spil Games

How to analyze paying users - part 2: the structure of the revenue by time
Have you ever thought about the structure of your revenue? Who brings more money - the new ones or the old ones?
Vasiliy Sabirov at Gamasutra

From game jam to mobile and Firefox OS
I thought it would be cool to take one of my past Game Jam games, Metal vs Hipsters, and port it to the mobile web and Firefox OS.
Belén Albeza at Mozilla Hacks

Microsoft Edge’s JavaScript engine to go open-source
We will open-source the core components of Chakra as ChakraCore, which will include all the key components of the JavaScript engine powering Microsoft Edge.
Gaurav Seth and Adalberto Foresti at Microsoft Edge dev blog

Student success: Dodger the Unicorn creator Jeremiah Jenkins
With its bright colour scheme catchy theme music and charming graphics Dodger the Unicorn is not only an enjoyable game but a real treat for the senses.
Josephine Kent at GameDev Academy


Building real-time chess with Socket.io
Let’s make a multiplayer chess game that where when you make a move it’s reflected on your opponent’s screen in real-time. Instantly. Checkmate.
David Washington's blog

How to use a shader to dynamically swap a sprite's colors
We'll create a simple color swapping shader that can recolor sprites on the fly. The shader makes it much easier to add variety to a game.
Daniel Branicki at Tuts+ Game Development

Calculating dynamic light and shadows in tile based roguelike games – part 1: Bresenham’s line algorithm
One of the features a good roguelike game should have is dynamic light and shadows, as well as a “fog of war” effect.
Emanuele Feronato's blog


Open Game Development Room at FOSDEM – call for participation


Bring your best game to AirConsole and have the chance to win up to USD 3,000!


Yeoman generator for developing games with Phaser using Coffeescript and Gulp

Visual Studio Code editor for JavaScript

Construct 2 Personal sale - 30% off


Coiling loxodromes

RC-455, a WebAudio synthesizer


Caveman Grru

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